Our Story

Nata Pure Skin is a premium skincare line, developed by Licensed Esthetician and Massage Therapist, Sarah Becker. Through a diverse and dedicated clientele, Sarah has been able to observe the efficacy of her products over time and across a wide variety of skin ages, ethnicities, and conditions. Years of research, product development, and customer feedback have resulted in the luxury brand that exists today.

The Philosophy

Balancing the skin—both by protecting it from outside elements and by supporting it from within—is the key to resolving acute skin conditions and to achieving a vibrant complexion.

Pure ingredients, in perfect proportions, lead to a healthy, harmonized glow.

“Nata is inspired, in concept and in name, by my daughter whose radiance extends out and into the world around her. My products are designed to mirror her joy, to lure you into self-care, and to provide you with a decadent skincare routine that glorifies your unique and natural beauty.”

- Sarah Becker, Founder

Better Packaging

Nata products are packaged in biophotonic violet glass. Sarah is committed to a reduction of plastic waste and raw materials with the use of reusable and recyclable glass bottles contributing to a more sustainable planet. Nata products are packaged in biophotonic violet glass bottles that protect contents, prolong shelf life, and prevent harmful light rays from having a negative impact on oils and essential oils, preserving the essence of our natural products.  

Giving Back

Sarah donates 2% of her proceeds to support BIPOC owned businesses, people, and communities. She is passionate and dedicated to putting an end to racial and environmental injustice.